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Onggojib Jangjib

Contrariness Pumpkin Barley Soybean Paste

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Contrariness Pumpkin Barley Soybean Paste

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Contrariness pumpkin barley soybean paste
It is a brand-name soybean paste that has been matured for 2 years fermenting naturally in the breathing jar after adding pumpkin and barley powder in the traditional soybean paste made with our farm produce.

We made the best of soybean paste unique delicate flavor and refreshingness adding traditional nutritious red pepper seed powder which is chemical-free without adding antiseptic and bay salt from which bittern has been removed for 2 years and the nutrition of pumpkin and barley was added.

As it was matured with clean air and good quality of sunlight in the traditional jar, you can feel the taste of deep and traditional soybean paste that mother made in the old days.

We control the product production through the scientific and objective inspection.
We set up the production facilities and system that can supply customers with only product meeting quality standard(traditional food certification mark) from the product production to production, packing, shipping after hiring our own food/sanitation research team head.

Characteristics of raw material

1. Soybean which is a food of high economical efficiency and functionality enough to be called "beef growing in the field" is low-calorie, low-fat food, being recognized as a suitable food for the prevention of adult diseases such as obesity and diabetes more recently.

2. As old pumpkin used as medicine of being called Cucurbita spp in Chinese medicine has an effect of "health preservation, nutrition, lustiness due to sweet and warm properties of the medicine", it is well known for the medicine complementing a weak digestion function, replenishing nutrition and invigorating.

3. Barley is known for a typical alkalinity food, being the longest one of five grains which means
high energy, if it is eaten, it is said to help fatigue recovery. Also, in a botanical list which is a medical book of China, barley is described to complement five viscera, confer vigor, remove indigestion and promote appetite. Pumpkin barley soybean paste made with 3 kinds of good raw material like this has a low salinity and delicate taste caused by saccharifying agents in the maturing process of pumpkin and barley.

* Main ingredients: soybean, pumpkin, barley, red pepper seed powder, salt
* Use & method of use: It is used for soups, stews, seasoned ssamjang(processed soybean paste mixed with)
Removal of odor of seasoned Vegetables beef cooking, salad dressing

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